We get you engaged when new customers search for you

Welcome to The Click Forge


We help you win through three key offerings


Search Marketing

We generate relevant traffic to your site to increase leads and sales

Search Engine Optimisation

We improve your search engine rankings which increase visibility, traffic and sales

Custom Content (Copywriting)

We create custom, relevant, and engaging content that drives action on your website

Why Choose Us

We provide our clients with a personal, focused approach to online marketing and SEO that’s responsive to demands. And while we do all this, we measure and analyse performance against your sales goals to ensure you get the Return On Investment you want. 

What you get:

  • Increased leads & sales
  • Better Return On Investment
  • Better online visibility
  • No long-term contracts
  • Personal service

Why your website needs us

Your website is a great marketing tool but must be made available to potential customers or it becomes as useful as writing a book that’s never published; no one will find it or buy it. 

Once visitors are on your site you need to give them the information they expect in a way they appreciate. Website content used to be all about cramming as many keywords as possible onto a page without upsetting the search engines. Things have changed and today’s content is about being engaging and driving action on your site.

Content is King! And great content promotes your brand and converts website visitors into customers.

This is where our copywriting service comes in.

Our Clients

We have experience working with SMEs located throughout Gauteng, from established companies to start-ups. We have and still do work with companies in various sectors, including financial services, interior decoration, manufacturing, family entertainment venues and many more.

A few facts about The Click Forge

  • No long-term contracts – we believe that you’ll be happy to retain our services as long as we keep you happy.
  • We’re a home-based business making our pricing very competitive and service level as personal as you like.
  • Helping your business grow is a big deal for us because we both thrive and get to build on our respective legacy.