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search engine marketing

We take care to hit the mark

When we do Search Engine Marketing (SEM), also known as Pay-Per-Click advertising, we make sure your advert shows on page one, at the right price and for the keywords that matter to your business. Exactly what you need when someone searches a keyword that your competitor is also using.

What Are The Benefits Of Search Ads?

Increases qualified website traffic

Your ads are shown to people already looking for the solution and offer that your business provides. Exactly the kind of qualified traffic your website wants because these are visitors that are looking to buy.

Increases Conversions, Leads & Sales

Increased qualified website traffic leads to increased conversions and sales, provided your offer is viable and the website experience is positive.

Increases brand awareness

Our SEM service will position your ad at the top of page one (depending on your budget). A business that has little or no visibility or brand recognition can instantly get some much-needed attention.

Cost-effective online marketing

You only pay when your ad is clicked, making SEM a very cost-effective form of online marketing. Also, search marketing ads can be very inexpensive to run. 

It Grows With Your Business

SEM is highly scalable, and it’s easy to start small. As revenue goes up thanks to SEM, increase your daily ad spend. It isn’t unusual to start with a daily budget as low as R100.

Accurately Measure & Track Results

Every aspect of your campaign is accurately measured and performance carefully tracked allowing us to continually optimise your campaign for better results.

Why Should Any Business Bother With SEM?

  1. Your competition is probably doing it or is going to do it. Waiting only makes it difficult for you to dominate or claw back lost market share.
  2. It works! The fact that online advertisers worldwide spend billions of dollars every month is a testament to that fact.
search engine marketing
search engine marketing

How We Do Search Marketing

Campaign setup takes a few days, and the results are near instant. Best of all, SEM allows for precise performance tracking and in-depth analysis allowing campaigns to be optimised to perform consistently.

Even when you’re happy, we keep optimising to squeeze every cent worth of performance out of your campaign. Be assured that our SEM services comply with Google guidelines and policies as well as industry best practice.

Pricing on our SEM campaigns is completely transparent so you’ll always know exactly where your money goes. Making it easy to calculate your Return On Investment.

How Are My Ads Managed?

  • With The Click Forge (TCF) as your search engine marketing company, your ads are managed in-house by our experienced Google Ads certified specialist.
  • Ad performance is reviewed regularly and changes made as needed, or we consult you to determine the best course of action.
  • We provide weekly reports on the performance of your ads and make recommendations for website content changes.
  • We also discuss additional keyword recommendations with you.
  • Website or landing page recommendations are also made where changes may help your ads perform even better.

No-Obligation Consultation

Whether you want to level up your marketing strategy or need to develop one, we’re ready to help you focus your marketing efforts and boost your business growth. Find out how we can help and get a no-obligation consultation. Check out our FAQ to learn more or contact us to speak with an expert.

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